The very purpose of VDO Cards is to bring greetings that give life to this world!

– Pastor Estrada

You heard it well!
VDO Cards is here with the goal of giving a stream of life to our loved ones!


And how can they be of such power??

Well its simple …

Each VDO Card is inspired by The Word of Life!

(John 1:1)

Jesus is the very power inside each VDO Card and the motivation of their existence!

Did you know??

For each purchase that you make from VDOCards.com 100% of the revenue is invested in the spreading of the Gospel to the whole world!

Know that you are not just demonstrating your love tangibly to your precious family, friends, classmates or coworkers but you are making a lasting and meaningful impact by purchasing these beautiful cards [highlight color=green]exclusively[/highlight] from VDOCards.com.

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