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[highlight color=green] Welcome! WE WHERE WAITING FOR YOU![/highlight]  
… uhumm, no, not really …
[highlight color=green]but WE ARE SURE GLAD YOU ARE HERE![/highlight]  
… well as soon as you buy a VDO Card …

Please feel at home and look around for some wonderful greetings with life!

You will find VDO Cards for just about all major events of the year and coming up soon for all occasions in lots of different languages!

The real truth is that we would love everyone to receive a VDO Card so we can make this world more beautiful with some encouraging words. We are expecting every single person in the world to stop by and visit! So let all of your loved ones know about VDO Cards! The Greetings with life!

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Colors: yellow, pink, blue, red, green or purple

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Colors: black, red, green or blue

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Colors: light-gray, gray, blue, green, orange, black, rosy, red, gold, magenta or pink

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